Google Data Studio

Google Data Studio (now Looker Studio) is a reporting platform that lets you pull in data from various sources and build shareable reports from it. With SPP you can embed GDS reports in your client portal where each client can see their own report.

First, go to Integrations and activate the Google Data Studio integration:

Inline image

In Google Data Studio create a report for a client, then click Share → Anyone with the link can view → Save.

Then click on File → Embed Report, check Enable Reporting and copy the Embed URL.

When you enable this integration, a CRM field is added into your client accounts on SPP. Navigate to your client’s account on SPP → Edit → Paste the embed URL into the client’s account, then save:

Inline image

You can then sign in as the client to see what the report looks like on their end:

Inline image

A new sidebar menu item has been added for the report, you can rename it or change its icon in Settings → Menus.