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Can I Use SPP in a Different Language?

Yes! It is possible to translate your client-facing pages (client panel, forms etc.) to a different language.

Quick and simple way

You can use the template editor to change any text lines your clients will see. In template source code you won’t see plain text messages, only language functions like this:

<button>{{ lang('public.register') }}</button>

To change the button text in this example you would replace the function within curly braces with your own text, for example:

<button>Sign Up</button>

As we update SPP in the future, some of your edited templates may need to be updated as well, which can be a hassle. That’s why we recommend the complete translation method as described in the next section.

Complete translation

If you’re looking to do a complete translation of the client panel please contact us and we’ll send you a text file with the language lines used throughout the application. Once you’ve replaced the lines with your own we’ll active the translation in your account.

Changing the currency

You can change the currency SPP uses in Settings > Payments. Enter your own three letter currency code (such as EUR or GBP) which will be used throughout the application.

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