How Do I Add Custom Tracking Code?

SPP comes with a Google Analytics integration which gives you a detailed overview of your sales funnel.

To integrate other tracking scripts you can use the template editor in Settings > Templates and add your code to both public/layout.html and clients/layout.html templates. Paste your code either before the closing </body> tag or the closing </head> tag.

To add a separate conversion tracking pixel you can edit the clients/receipt.html template. When editing this template put your code in the content block–that’s between the {% block content %} and {% endblock %} tags.

If you want to track order totals, use the {{ invoice.subtotal }} variable in your conversion script, which gives you the total invoice amount minus tax.

The example code below is for Facebook’s pixel, which tracks the invoice subtotal and payment currency.

    fbq('track', 'Purchase', {
        currency: "{{ invoice.currency ?: config.payment_currency }}",
        value: "{{ invoice.subtotal }}"
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