Editing Client Portal Templates

The template editor in Settings > Templates allows you to customize client-facing views such as the client panel dashboard, login page, order page, or thanks page, as well as add new custom pages to your panel.

Templates are built using basic HTML as well as variables and functions between curly braces {{ }}.

The main template files are clients/layout.html (for logged in users) and public/layout.html (for order forms, login screens etc.). The rest are merely blocks extending the main layout.

For that reason any custom style changes or tracking scripts will need to be added placed in one or both of these layout files.

If you’re going to be making large changes we suggest adding a link to your externally hosted stylesheet because it will be easier to manage than putting your css rules directly in the template.

Template variables

While template variables largely depend on the template itself, there are some user variables which are available in all client-side templates:

As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the editor, or if you need help making a specific change.

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