Delivering Orders

In this guide you’ll learn how to manage and deliver orders using SPP. As a team member, the first thing you’ll see when you sign in is a list of orders.

The orders list

By default you will only see the orders which require your input, however you can still access Pending, Canceled, and Completed orders from the tabs at the top of the orders list.

The default order statuses in SPP are:

Some of the other things you can see in the orders list are:

Subscribing to order updates

You will receive email updates for orders you’re following and by default you will be subscribed to any new orders that are assigned to you. You could also choose to subscribe to all new orders in your profile.

To get notifications when other team members send a client message, you can turn the setting on in your profile. If you only want to get notified about client replies or private team messages leave it to off.

You can also manually subscribe and unsubscribe from any order.

You’ll get a notification via email and in your dashboard every time there’s a new order that you can start working on. For recurring orders you’ll also be notified when the client has made a subscription payment in case there’s recurring work that needs to be done.

Team communication

There are two ways to communicate with your team in SPP. You can send a team-only message, which will notify anyone who’s following the order. And you can update the order’s note field (the client won’t see it and the rest of the team will).

Due dates

If there’s a delivery deadline set for a service any orders of the service will have a due date. Countdown starts when the order goes into Submitted or Working status, meaning if the client takes a few days to fill out necessary project details that time doesn’t count towards the deadline.

The deadline countdown is stopped when you change the order’s status to Complete.

Completing orders

As you complete the order you can send the client a status update or a report, and change the order status to Complete. Changing status does not trigger a notification, however sending a message will.

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