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Delivering Orders

In this guide you’ll learn how to manage and deliver orders using SPP. As a team member, the first thing you’ll see when you sign in is a list of orders.


Next to client’s name you can see how many messages are in each order, status of the order, who it’s assigned to and any tags that the order might have.

  • Pending status means client hasn’t provided the required information yet
  • Submitted status means you can start working on the order
  • Working status is for orders in progress
  • Complete status is for orders that have been delivered
  • Cancelled status is for refunded orders or cancelled subscription orders

You’ll get a notification via email and in your dashboard every time there’s a new order that you can start working on. For recurring orders you’ll also be notified when the client has made a subscription payment in case there’s recurring work that needs to be done.


New order notification

Clicking on an order will take you to order details page where you can see the service the client has purchased, order date, any project information the client has provided.

Tagged Order

There is also a messaging section where you can communicate with clients and send private messages to your team. This helps keep the conversation in one place, even if you reply via email.

Others will see your name and profile photo next to the messages you post, so make sure your profile is up to date.


If you wish to jot down some notes regarding an order, they will be visible to the team but not the customer.

You can use tags for grouping and filtering orders internally. SPP saves the tags you’ve used before for easier access later. As with notes, they’re visible to the team but not the customer.

Add Tag to Order

As you complete the order you can send the client a status update or a report, and change the order status to Complete. Changing status does not trigger a notification but sending a message will.

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