Managing Subscriptions

If you’re selling recurring services using Stripe you can cancel, upgrade and downgrade clients directly from SPP.

Click on any subscription from the list, or on the additional options next to subscription payments and you’ll see these options:

Upgrading and downgrading

Since a subscription can have multiple items in it, the admin’s upgrade page gives you more options for selecting which item to replace, and whether to add a discount for the unused time in current subscription cycle:

Upgrades and downgrades reset subscription’s billing date to current time. For instance, if a customer signed up for a monthly subscription on the 10th, and upgraded on 15th they will be charged now (full price, or partial payment depending on whether prorations are on), and their next payment will be taken on the 15th of the following month.

In case of a prorated downgrade where the total works out to a negative amount (for example, when downgrading from a 200/mo plan to a 100/mo plan 10 days into the billing cycle) SPP will create a charge for 0.00 and continue future charges at the regular amount.

Changing the payment date

Say you include 5 articles per month in your package and a client runs through them all in 3 weeks. You could either…

To shift the payment to a different date you’ll need to find the subscription in your Stripe account and add a trial to it to offset the billing date. SPP will still log the payment on the date it comes in.

Synchronizing renewal date

For some businesses it can make sense to charge customers on a specific day of the month for the balance they’ve accrued since their last payment.

Let’s say you signed up for a website hosting account on the 20th of the month and they bill you on the 1st. Typically you’d get an initial charge for part of the fee since you can only use your hosting account for 10 more days before normally scheduled billing kicks in.

We’ve found that most productized services cannot be split that way – either it’s impossible to deliver whole month’s worth of service in ten days, or it isn’t practical to deliver a part of a service for the remaining days in the month.

For that reason this use case is not supported in SPP at the present time.


You can give your clients the freedom to upgrade or cancel on their own. Of course, this depends on the services you sell and the commitments you require from your clients, that’s why this feature isn’t enabled by default.

To show the cancellation/upgrade links open the Template Editor from Settings > Client portal templates. In the clients/subscriptions_table.html template, replace false with true on line 2, that is – {% set subscription_management = true %}.

Or ask us to enable self-service subscription management in your account.

Now, if you as the client want to upgrade your subscription from 5 articles per month to a plan which includes 10 articles, you can click the subscription options link, choose “Change plan” and select another service:

Note that this page will show other recurring services from the same folder as upgrade options, although you could customize the template to show a particular service.

Pausing a subscription

To pause a Stripe subscription, you’ll need to log into Stripe, find the subscription, and use the ‘Pause Subscription’ option. Another option is to add a trial to the subscription. This will effectively offset the subscription for the number of days you add the trial for.

To pause a PayPal subscription you’ll need to find the subscription in your PayPal account and click Suspend. Suspended subscriptions can be re-activated unlike Canceled subscriptions.


While Stripe subscriptions can be canceled without leaving your SPP dashboard, you can still log into your payment processor to cancel any other type of subscription.

Whether you’re using PayPal or 2Checkout, the subscription status is automatically updated in SPP, also triggering the “Recurring Stopped” tag on any orders from this subscription.

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