Other Payment Methods

We built SPP for the self-service model in mind, however if a large client wants to pay by check or wire transfer you can still do that via SPP. 

First, create an invoice with the items they need.

Make sure to include your bank account or payment details in the invoice note, and select the “Send email notification” option to send the invoice to client.

SPP invoice note to client

Upon receiving payment you can log in and mark their invoice as paid:

SPP invoice manual mark as paid

Custom payment method for self-service

Manually creating invoices for everyone isn’t a great option, which is why we built a Manual Payment module which works for any payment outside of SPP. You can change how the payment method is called, and specify your payment instructions in the module settings:

SPP manual payment configuration

Once saved, add the payment method to your oder forms so they become an option during checkout:

Service Provider Pro manual payment option order form

Selecting the method will show your instructions to the customer:

Service Provider Pro manual payment confirmation

We automatically show the invoice ID as instructions. Your customers can use it as a reference when they make the bank transfer.

After verifying customer’s payment you can log in and mark the invoice as paid. Or use our API to update the invoice programmatically.