Adding and Removing Sidebar Links

In your Client Panel there are two menus: the top navigation bar and the sidebar. Some of the menu items are dependent on whether a module is enabled – for example, the helpdesk module adds a Helpdesk link to your navigation bar.

You can easily add, remove, and change menu items using the menu editor in Settings > Menus.

When adding your custom menu item you can set the link text, URL, and icon. For links to other pages in your client panel use a relative URL (e.g.  portal/services) as opposed to a full URL.

Icons in SPP are powered by Font Awesome. Simply head to their library here and copy the class of any icon you want to use for the link.

If you’ve used the template editor to add a custom client panel page, you can choose it from the Pages drop-down in the Link URL field.

Linking to order forms

Normally order forms open in a standalone page with minimal distractions, which makes for an easier order process. However, you can have your order forms open inside the client panel layout with the sidebar and top navigation.

To do that simply add /cp at the end of the form link:
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