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Using The Menu Editor

In the Client Panel there are two menus: the top navigation bar and the sidebar. Some modules like the helpdesk module add additional items to the menus.

You can easily remove menu items and add new links using the menu editor in SPP Settings > Menus.

Adding menu items

When adding your custom menu item you can choose its category, link and icon.

If you add multiple items with the same category, they’ll show under one heading. For example, Invoices and Subscriptions are under the Billing category.

If you’ve used the template editor to add a custom client panel page, you can choose it from the drop-down in the Link url field.


Editing menu items

To change existing menu items use the Edit JSON link at the bottom right corner.

Don’t worry about making a mistake because you can always restore default menus by clicking the Reset link at the bottom of the menu editor.

Linking to order forms

By default forms open in a standalone page with minimal distractions, which makes for an easier order process. However, you can have your order forms open inside the client panel layout (with the sidebar and top navigation).

To do that simply add /cp at the end of the form link:

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