Integrating Stripe

To set up Stripe integration, you’ll need input your API keys in Stripe Module settings. To make test payments in sandbox mode make sure to also include your test API keys.

For SPP to be able to register recurring payments, refunds, and charge backs, you’ll need to create a new webhook. In your Stripe account go to Developers > Webhooks and add a new endpoint with this URL:

Restricted API keys

If you prefer to create a new restricted API key instead of using your standard keys, please make sure it has Write permissions to these resources:

API version

The module was tested with API version 2018-11-08. Occasionally upgrading to a later version may introduce issues due to breaking changes in the API. Feel free to ask us if you’re not sure whether SPP will work with the API version in your account.

Payment method management

Because SPP saves clients Stripe ID, they can make future purchases without having to re-enter credit card info. Additionally, clients can manage their saved payment methods here:

This link is automatically added to your Client Panel’s sidebar menu when you enable the Stripe module.


By default Stripe will be sending your customers automatic order receipts. Because SPP also sends payment receipts/invoices, you may want to turn those emails off in Stripe.

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