Is SPP Secure?

The short answer is YES! We take customer data protection very seriously and follow best industry practices to keep your account up and running.

If you need more than that, read on to learn about some of the security practices we implement.

SSL secure connection

You can access your panel using a secure HTTPS link such as We also set up a trusted SSL certificate for each custom domain at no additional charge.

Server monitoring and redundancy

We keep a close eye on error logs and performance so if any issues arise we are able to address them immediately. You can see our historic uptime record at

Backups and backups of backups

We run hourly encrypted database backups, and store them in multiple secure locations.

Separate customer databases

When you sign up for SPP you get your own separate database which minimizes chances of accidental data leaks between accounts.

Development with security in mind

We use industry leading frameworks, trusted code libraries and implement protection against attacks including SQLi, XSS and CSRF. We encrypt your sensitive data like API keys, and follow strict procedures for accessing production systems.

Get your free account

If you haven’t yet signed up for SPP, go ahead and get your free account here. There’s no risk and no commitment.

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