SPP let's you send and receive messages from your clients and team both in orders and tickets. When a client receives a message it is also sent to their email, allowing them to reply without having to log in.

Out of Office Reply

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Enable the auto-reply by setting your business hours. Messages sent to you outside of business hours will trigger the auto-reply.

For example, to enable the auto-reply for a 3-day weekend you can remove Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from your business hours.

Message Signature

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Configure a signature that will be appended to all outgoing messages. This is useful if you want to link to your help center or social media channels.

Saved Replies

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Set up saved replies to easily send canned responses to frequent messages.


The signature and saved replies support the following template variables:

Customer variables (will be replaced with your client's details)

{{ user.name_f }}
{{ user.name_l }}
{{ }}
{{ }}

Team member variables (will be replaced with sender's details)

{{ sender.name_f }}
{{ sender.name_l }}