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Setting Up Services

One of the first things you’ll want to set up in your SPP account are your services. When adding a service there are a few main options you can configure:

  • Name – this is visible in order forms, invoices, order details etc.
  • Description (optional) – visible in order forms when hovering mouse over a service, and in the your client panel Services page.
  • Price and recurring options – whether you want the client to be billed once or on a recurring basis. Choosing Yes lets you select your billing cycle and price. Choose Yes, with trial to create a subscription with a different initial price, like a free trial or a setup fee. For a multiple payment option select Yes, fixed installments and enter the number of times a customer will be billed.

The two required options are name and price. In addition to tese there are a few totally optional advanced options:

  • Order handling – the preferred workflow with SPP is to have every service a customer purchases in a separate order. That way you can assign different team members to different services and manage everything in more detail. A more advanced use case would be if, for example, you have a main service, say Press Release Writing, and you offer an add-on like Press Release Distribution. Then you could choose to group the add-on together with your main service. Or you can opt to put everything in a single order regardless of what was purchased.
  • Data form – if you don’t want to ask for all the details in your order form you can set up a separate data form just for collecting project information. Assign a data form to your service and any time clients purchase this service, they will be asked to fill out your form.
  • Assign – if you assign a service to a specific team member all orders of this service will be assigned to them.
  • Deadline – when you set a deadline for a service your team will see the remaining time for delivery in the orders list. Countdown is started from the moment a client has provided their project details to time when order is marked as complete.
  • Show services in client panel – there’s a page in your client panel where users can see your services. Uncheck this box to exclude a service from that list. You can also remove that page from the sidebar menu altogether.
  • Group multiple item quantities – when somebody purchases two or more of the same service, you’ll see a separate order for each quantity purchased. Check this box and the services will be grouped as 3 x Link Building for example.
  • Additional info – here you can enter some additional info and people who purchase this service will see it in their order details screen.
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