Setting Up Services

One of the first things you’ll want to set up in your SPP account is your services.

In the Services menu click Add New to create a service. Here are some of the different options you can configure:

General service options

Service name – your customers will see this in order forms and the client panel.

Description – a short description of your service, shown in order forms and your services page.

Price – you can set a one-time price, or a recurring price. To create a free trial, set the trial price to 0, or charge a setup fee by setting the trial price to the initial payment.

Recurring service options

For recurring services you can decide what happens on subscription payments:

Other options

This is an add-on: with this option selected, if a customer purchases the service, it will not create a separate order. The intake form will be appended to the parent service you choose from the dropdown that appears.

This is useful if you offer additional services which are often purchased alongside a main service, and you don’t want to create a separate order for the add on.

Group multiple quantities: by default purchases of multiple quantities are added as separate orders. If you enable this option purchases with more than one service quantity will show up in a single order.

Assign to a team member: use this option to automatically assign all orders of this service to a team member.

Set a deadline: set an internal deadline so your team can see how much time is left to deliver the service. Countdown is started after client has filled in project data (if required).

Show in services page: select this if you want to include this service in the services page of your client panel.

Service variants

The basic service options allow you to set up one fixed or recurring price. For advanced services you can allow clients to select from the available variants you offer.

In the example above you can see the guest post service had two configurable options: Domain Authority and Word Count. When the client selects an option, their price will be shown.

To set this up, go to the Pricing Options tab when editing your service. Here you can set up variant categories and the options in each variant.

SPP automatically populates the list of available combinations, and you can set the price of each option combo. You can also uncheck any option pairs that are not available together.

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