Managing Your Team

If you have a team of employees or contractors that work on orders, you can manage them easily with SPP.

Creating team roles

You can create any number of roles for your team, and customize the permissions in each role. The default roles provided are Admin, Manager, and Contractor.

Create team accounts

To create accounts for your team, open Settings, and go to the Team tab. Under Team Accounts Click + Add User and fill in their account details. When adding or editing team members you can assign their role.

Assigning orders

If you have multiple team members who are responsible for different services, you can automatically assign all orders of a service to a specific account.

Using deadlines

When editing a service, you’ll also see a deadline field. This allows you to set an internal time limit for service delivery, which allows your team to prioritize tasks and see orders which are due soon. Note that deadlines are not visible to clients.

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