Agency Analytics

You can use our Agency Analytics integration to embed client reports directly into your clients portals for ease of access.

First, go to into Integrations and activate the Agency Analytics integration:

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Next, you'll need to grab your API key from Agency Analytics and paste it in your integration settings.

To do this, log in as your Admin account on Agency Analytics, and navigate to your settings page → Click on Company Details from the sidebar and find the API Key on the bottom right of the page:

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For all new client accounts, a profile is automatically created inside Agency Analytics. Any reports you make available to them are loaded inside their client portal.

For existing customers, you'll need to create a profile for them, and paste their user ID into the CRM field available on their client account inside your workspace:

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As a note, Agency Analytics allows you to display more than one report. To create more report pages, you can do so manually by adding new custom pages (requires the Template Editor feature).