2-Factor Authentication

Team accounts can and should be secured with 2-factor authentication. To get started, click on your profile icon in the top right hand corner, and select “Enable 2FA”.

SPP enable 2FA

Confirm that you want to enable 2FA in the pop-up dialogue.

Next, click on the new “Manage 2FA” button that appeared in place of the “Enable 2FA” button:

SPP 2FA management

Click on “Show recovery codes” and copy them to a safe place (such as the notes section in your password manager.

Next, click on “Show QR code” and scan it with your 2FA app. We recommend Authy (Android/iOS), Tofu (iOS), FreeOTP (Android/iOS).

Most password managers are also able to scan the code, and generate a 6-digit pass-code you’ll need to enter upon login.

Log out of your account, and log back in to test the 2FA setup.