Pre-Filling Form Fields

When linking to an order form, you might want to pre-select a certain service for the customer. For example, if they clicked on the middle plan in your pricing page, the middle plan should be selected in your order form.

You can do that by adding a URL parameter to your form link:  ?field_ID=value. For a service the value must be a valid service ID.

Here's a video overview of how this works:

To find the field ID you can go into the form editor, click to edit a field and copy the field ID from the editor window which pops up on the right side.

SPP find order form field_id

Here are some example variables you can use to pre-select fields:

Field 1 set to service ID 123

Service field with multiple selectable values


Service field with a service that has pricing variants


Service field with multiple selectable values and pricing variants


Coupon field


Email field


Pass related order to contact form


Other field types

?field_1=Some Text