Service Requests

With Service Provider Pro, you can sell services that allow your clients to make requests on demand. Those service requests can be either limited, or unlimited.

Benefits of request based services

Request based services are a great way of generating recurring revenue for your agency. One thing to watch out for are unlimited services, as they open the possibility of clients sending you a lot of requests.

With SPP, you have two options to counter, either you limit the number of total requests in the billing period, or the number of active tasks at a time.

The latter option opens the possibility of upselling your clients to higher plans that allow a larger number of active requests at a time.

Setting up request based services

In the recurring service settings, you have multiple options to decide what happens when a payment is received. To enable task based services, select the last option: “Let clients request new orders / tasks as they need them.”

task based service option in SPP

This allows two things:

  1. The standard option will enable unlimited tasks.

  2. Click “Limit number of requests?” and enter a number to limit the number of total tasks in the billing period.

If you’re offering an unlimited task based service, but want to limit the number of active tasks at a time, you can add metadata to the service.

Simply click on the “Add metadata” option, and enter:

  • max_active_requests in the left field

  • and the desired number in the right field

When a client has already submitted the total number of tasks, and clicks on the New request button, they’ll see a notice that they’ve reached their limit.

modal limit for active requests reached