Contact Forms

If you have the helpdesk module enabled, you can set up contact forms that can be used for quote requests, support queries, and feedback collection. Any contact form submission will create a ticket.

To get started, go to Tickets → Contact Forms. You can add a new contact form using the form builder, then click the actions button and choose Share.

Share and embed contact forms in SPP

You can share your form in various ways:

Public link
Share it with anyone using a direct link.

Public link (log into portal)
Same as above, except users who submit the form will automatically be logged into your client portal. Useful for quote requests or lead gen forms.

Embed code
Get the iFrame code and paste it in your website. The form will automatically apply our standard design, so no styling is necessary.

Support widget
Use this code to display a help widget on your website in the bottom right corner. Clicking it will open the contact form in a popup.