Using Intake Forms to Collect Customer Info

Most projects require some information from the client before you can begin work – typically things like their website URL and keywords. With SPP you can collect that information upfront by adding data fields to your order form, or you can set up an intake form when editing a service.

Go to Intake Form section of a service and simply drag fields from the list onto your form. As you edit your fields, the form will update in realtime. You can also save and preview the form at any point.

The intake form builder also lets you show and hide fields based on rules. You can learn more about using rules in the order forms section.

When a client purchases any service requiring project data their order will remain as Pending until they fill out the form in the order.

If they haven’t filled out the form in 24 hours, SPP will send an email reminder asking to provide project data. As soon as project data is provided, order status will automatically change to Working.

Finally, you and your team can see their project information in the order details.

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