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Collecting Project Information

Most projects require some information from the client before you can begin work (such as their website url and keywords). With SPP you can collect that information upfront by adding data fields to your order form, or you can create a separate data collection form that clients will see in their panel after they place an order.

To create a data collection form go to Forms menu. Then click the Add New button, which will bring you to the form builder.

Enter a name for your form so you can find it later. This is just for your reference and users won’t see it. Optionally you can add some information or instructions for clients in the Additional information field.

Next you can choose from various field types on the side. Click on a field to add it to your form.

To edit a field, click its edit button. This will bring up fields options where you can set the field name, add a description and make the field required or optional. After making your changes don’t forget to save your field.

You can always change field order by dragging and dropping them.

When a form has been submitted, the project status will change from Pending to Submitted and assigned team member will be notified via email.

This is how submitted data is displayed in the Order Details view:

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