Onboarding Forms

When you onboard a new client, you most likely require information from them about their business, goals, communication preferences, and other things that are usually static and won’t change over time. To collect this information, you can use onboarding forms.

Compared to intake forms, which should be used to collect project-specific information, onboarding forms are perfect to ask clients to submit their branding files and tell you all about their business. The best thing: they don’t have to do it during the checkout phase (where you should be using order forms).

If you’re already familiar with our form builder for intake, order and contact forms, then you’ll know that there are different fields that you can use. Once you’ve set up your onboarding form, you can either share it with signed-in clients using the link, or you can assign a form from the client profile. To do so, open a client profile, click the [ ⋮ ] button and select Add an onboarding form.

assign onboarding form to client

Once the client has submitted the form, you can view it in their client account.

admin view of client submitted onboarding form

Clients are also able to view submitted data from their dashboard, and update onboarding forms if data needs to be changed.