Here’s how you can add a CNAME in CloudFlare:

  1. Sign in to your Cloudflare account

  2. From the dropdown menu on the top left, select your domain

  3. Select the DNS settings tab

  4. Add a new DNS record with these settings: 

    • Record type: CNAME

    • Name: clients

    • Target:

    • TTL: Auto

    • Proxy status: Proxied (orange cloud)

  5. Make sure the Always Use HTTPS option under SSL/TLS Edge Certificates is Off. Leaving it on means the http:// version of your workspace is always redirected to https:// at CloudFlare's level, which will break SPP's SSL creation and renewal for your custom domain.

  6. In SSL/TLS Overview check if you're using Full or Full (strict) SSL to ensure client data stays secure. If you cannot turn this on for your whole domain, you can set up a page rule for using Full SSL just on your workspace's subdomain.

  7. Make sure Speed → Optimization → Rocket Loader is Off. If you need it for your main website you can create a rule to disable it for your SPP domain.