Using Your Own Domain

By default you and your clients can access your account from To use your own domain name you’ll need to configure any subdomain (typically to show pages from our server.

If you’re using Cloudflare:

  1. Sign in to your Cloudflare account
  2. From the dropdown menu on the top left, select your domain
  3. Select the DNS settings tab
  4. Add a new DNS record with these settings:
    • Record type: CNAME
      Name: clients
      TTL: Automatic

Finally, make sure CloudFlare’s automatic SSL is turned off for your custom domain. SPP will set up a custom certificate and http:// to https:// redirection on our end.

If your hosting has cPanel:

  1. Sign in to your hosting account’s control panel
  2. Make sure the subdomain does not exist yet, otherwise delete it or choose a different subdomain
  3. Open the DNS zone editor
  4. Add a new CNAME record with these settings:
    • Host:
  5. Save your changes

Test and activate your custom domain

Before proceeding with the setup you can check if your CNAME is correct here (enter as the domain to test). Note that your changes may take some time to fully propagate, especially if you’re modifying existing DNS records instead of setting up a fresh subdomain.

Once you’ve confirmed the CNAME record is correct go to SPP Settings > Brand settings and update the Custom domain setting.

Now you and your clients can access the application from while still using for your main website.

As soon as your domain is confirmed we’ll issue an SSL certificate for it. Check back in a few minutesIf you don’t see it immediately.

Custom email domain

By default your clients will receive email notifications from This is because SPP needs to be able to capture client replies and post them as project messages in your dashboard.

If you’re on the PRO plan we can also configure a custom sender domain for your account. To do that, you’ll need to add an SPF record in your DNS settings allowing SPP to send email notifications on your behalf.

If your domain already has an SPF record, you can update it to include

v=spf1 ~all

Once you’ve done that you can save your sending domain in Settings > Email.

To remove “via” in Gmail you’ll need to add a DKIM record as well. Please email us so we can generate this record for your domain.

Changing your username

Your username is chosen on signup (e.g. and it’s the login URL for your account if you haven’t added a custom domain. To change your username please email support and we’ll do that for you.

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