The Services Page

While the primary way of selling services is through order forms, logged in users can also use the Services page in your client panel. Here users can see your public services along with their descriptions and prices.

Choose which services are shown

You can choose whether a service is shown on this page when editing it. To hide a service simply uncheck the Show in services page option.

Arrange and group your services

In your admin panel go to the services list and drag & drop any service to change the display order.

You can also move services in a folder. In your admin section simply select one or more services from the list and select Move to a folder from the bulk actions dropdown.

This will create a new folder, which you can edit to add a description and upload an image for it.

Here’s how the services page looks when using folders:

Editing the services page

As with any page in your client panel, you can change it via the template editor.

You can also remove or rename the Services menu item, or even replace the link with a link to an order form instead.

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