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The Services Page

While the primary way of selling services is through order forms, logged in users can also use the Services page in your client panel. Here they can see your services in a list form along with descriptions and prices:

You can choose whether a service is shown on this page when editing it. To hide a service simply uncheck the “Show in services list” option.

To change the order in which services are displayed you can update the position field as in the screenshot above. Items with the lowest position # will be shown higher in the list.

You can also rename the menu item from Settings > Menus and change the underlying template in Settings > Templates by editing the clients/services.html template.

The services page is intended as a quick and easy way for clients to purchase a service without any additional fields. If you want clients to be able to get multiple services at once it’s best to create a separate order form and link to it instead.

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